WordPress 3.9.1版本在WordPress 3.9发布后的三个星期,又悄悄的发布了,而众所周知的是,WordPress的小版本升级带来的一般都是bug的修复,以及部分功能的优化与升级,并无太大的改变。而由于WordPress启用了自动更新的功能,大家可能不易察觉到这种变化,但我还是要一如既往的给大家推送更新讯息,虽然速度比较慢,原谅我是个学生党。好了啦!大家来看看这次静悄悄的更新到底改变了什么吧!

这个维护版本修复 3.9 的 34 个漏洞,修复内容涉及多站点网络、主题预览时自定义窗口小部件、更新的可视化编辑器等。此外,还改进了新的音频/视频播放功能,并做了一些调整,以提高性能。对于 WordPress 3.9.1 更新的完整列表,请参阅更新日志工单列表

这次的更新一共修复了34个bug,34个bug主要集中在主题预览,在线的编辑器以及在WordPress 3.9中新增的音乐和视频播放功能,全部的bug修复详情如下:

  1. Theme preview empties sidebar on active theme
  2. Cursor style for the resize handle of the editor is n-resize
  3. Bundled Themes: bump version numbers and update POT files
  4. “Select Poster Image” isn’t translated as it uses wrong i18n function
  5. WordPress 3.9 editor not show link button as pushed on images with links
  6. WP_Customize_Image_Control and Custom Header Issue
  7. WP 3.9 – PHP Warnings in Customizer if Theme has set a default image for Custom Header
  8. The “admin_footer” action isn’t called on customize.php
  9. TB_iframe is placed below the left menu in WordPress 3.9
  10. Multisite subdirectory install breaks if network path has uppercase letters
  11. Theme install return wrong install_url on network admin
  12. Custom Menu widget can’t be previewed without changing a field
  13. Drag and Drop Media prevents Drag and Drop Text
  14. Video playlist preview problems
  15. Video details localization problem
  16. No items found during loading playlist preview
  17. Headings don’t fit in TinyMCE Format dropdown (collapsed)
  18. TinyMCE4 Image Button
  19. Non-standard disabled input field style
  20. Shortcode double brackets ending on newline breaks post editor
  21. Problems with subtitles and what should Tracks field really do?
  22. Default update notification color overrides admin color schemes
  23. Adding caption to aligned image bumps it down a paragraph
  24. Playlist track info overflows
  25. Playlist Media in RTL – conflict with Length Item
  26. Multisite www gets treated as a subdomain
  27. Skip Cropping is not available in Customizer?
  28. String is not shown in its place
  29. If the editor’s “Toolbar toggle” button is removed, the second toolbar row may remain hidden
  30. wp_enqueue_media() may be slow on very large sites
  31. Editor frame becomes huge after dragging the corner to resize itRecent Posts widget breaks ob stack
  32. Recent Posts widget breaks ob stack
  33. Customizer: Header image disappears after removing background image
  34. Dashicons not rendered in admin menus of wp-admin/user area

其实本次更新对各位博主们影响最大的莫过于第一个bug了,在WordPress 3.9 的使用过程中自定义边栏的时候会出现错误,而在这个问题WordPress 3.9.1中得到了解决,大家就不要再担心了,好好的享受你的WordPress时光吧!